March 24, 2014

Fight Debt Collectors’ Harassment

Do really debt collectors have to be abusive to conduct their business? Not really. However, they are paid very little and promised hefty commission which force […]
March 22, 2014

Will Bankruptcy Stop My Garnishment?

Malik Ahmad foreclosure defense attorney las vegas. Malik Ahmad is a Las Vegas foreclosure defense attorney. His practice includes both bankruptcy chapter 7 and chapter 13.
March 21, 2014

All About Wage Garnishment in Nevada and How Can It be Stopped?

Wage Garnishment and Writ of Execution (Disclaimer: Some of the information is taken from Clark County Courts. Also, please contact a licensed attorney for all legal […]
March 21, 2014

Silent Treatment From Your Lenders—What is the Solution?

Your lender is not talking to you and wants to talk to your only attorney. Is this not strange? They tell you as such but don’t […]